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We can be your service provider

throughout the life cycle of your woodwork.



Our in-house fabrication shop can create custom pieces and replacement parts for your space. From new cabinetry and paneling to closets and furniture, we are able to translate your designs into a final product.
We work with veneer, plastic laminate, high gloss finishes, and solid surface.


We can install new woodwork or remove and relocate existing work. Our deep understanding of woodwork manufacturing allows us to efficiently and effectively install cabinet and kitchen systems. In addition, we can also assist with assembly of cabinets, cubicles or other RTA furniture.

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Over time, sunlight and wear can leave areas of woodwork in less than pristine condition. Our technicians use their trained eye and understanding of color to match the wood's stain and grain while improving overall appearance. With a minimal investment, you can address unsightly cosmetic scratches and blemishes to showcase your space in the best light. 


Make a space modern and update your investment by renovating existing woodwork such as paneling, cabinetry and doors. By reutilizing the woodwork, you will benefit from a cost savings while revitalizing your items and enhancing the overall design of your space. We offer onsite stripping and staining services for refinishing as well as sanding and staining services for raw wood.  


Not sure who to call when something is broken?  We can help make unusuable doors, drawers or cabinets functional again with our repair services. Plastic laminate that is peeling or chipping can be fixed and made to look new again. With a fast response time and after hours servicing, we can help fix your problem.  

Our full suite of wood services are performed by skilled, experienced, and - above all - professional technicians. We hold our team to high standards not only with the quality of our work but with our processes and execution. Each of our professionals is uniformed for easy identification, prepared with all required equipment and materials, and motivated to perform every task to client satisfaction.

Are you a millworker?

We also offer services just for you.

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